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Why HookedUp Shapewear


Next time you're at a wedding or fancy dress-up function, notice women are constantly pulling on, or adjusting their shapewear. Because it won't stay up ! Tara Cavosie,  creator of HookedUp™ Shapewear, became so fed up of struggling with inadequate shapewear products on the market, she came up with a clever way to hook-up her bra to her shapewear and, keep it up.  

Problem solved ! The gap between shapewear and bra disappeared so, no more rolling, no more muffin top, no back fat and no discomfort. This, is HookedUp™ Shapewear's unique selling proposition.

And did we mention Hooked-Up Shapewear is made with a silky smooth microfiber fabric with bonded flat edges that eliminate panty lines ? Double panel construction provides firm control for tummy, waist and hips.

HookedUp™ Shapewear fits most bras including high back designs with the help of complimentary extenders. Very practical hook and eye closure and open crotch designs for nature calls.

HookedUp™ Shapewear has wonderful applications as stage 1 and 2 post-operative compression wear for those searching for an ultra comfortable and practical garment without zippers.

Look no further and hook-it up with HookedUp™ Shapewear