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Tummy Tucks for Yummy Mummys


Yummy Mummys are all the rage these days! No doubted due in part to the prevalence of countless celebrity moms bouncing back to before pregnancy shape in a matter of weeks.  Svelte, sexy, and flat tummies; tanned to perfection and gleaming on the beaches. Who wouldn’t want that? Let the babies’ nap, Mommy’s getting nipped and tucked back into style.

Tummy tucks used to be only for the elite and super rich. Now more than ever, cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more accessible and affordable, allowing increasing numbers of Moms to take advantage of the benefits provided from these procedures.

We talked to Susan, a red-headed-Yummy-Mummy out on the West Coast, and asked her what she thought about tummy tucks. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Make sure you’ve thought it through! I didn’t realize all the things that I would need help with after! Lifting babies is gonna’ be a bit harder than you think for a few weeks.
  • Get help in place before you do it. I didn’t want to tell anybody what I was doing, but I paid for it after because I needed to call on close friends after to help me; who were all wondering why the heck I hadn’t told them!
  • I ordered some bizarre contraption from a store in California; I should have done a bit more research and ordered a good compression garment with NO wires in it!
  • Don’t think that you will go in, get tucked up and you’re done! I workout every day to some level. Even if I am just going for a walk, I still maintain an active life. Otherwise, you’ll just put the weight back on, and you’re back to square one.
  • Lookin’ sexy has a lot to do with your attitude. A great smile and a little wink go a long way. In hindsight, I would try to chill out more, and eat a bit less. But I am glad I got rid of all the loose skin I gained…I had gotten pretty fat while pregnant.
  • Ditch the sweat pants and get a haircut…need I say more?

So there you have it, from a Yummy Mummy herself. If you’re interested in tummy tucks and other procedures, make sure you do your research, find a good practitioner, and pre-plan your recovery period. Have all the essential items you’ll need for recovery, like compression garments, helping hands, and baby-sitters before you have your surgery.

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