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The Low-Down on Post-Operative Compression Garments


Plastic surgery can enhance appearances and restore confidence in one’s self-image. Certain surgical procedures can improve the quality of life by reshaping the body to correct the effects of natural aging, stresses or traumas that occur. While the stories behind each surgery may be as unique as each patient, surgeries and post surgical recovery share many basics. For patient healing, consider the use of compression garments to facilitate the process.

After surgery, you are looking forward to the benefits of an enhanced physique. Wearing compression garments during your recovery helps ensure a positive experience. Compression garments promote recovery and accelerate the healing process by reducing swelling, bruising and increasing blood circulation. Compression helps prevent skin sagging by gently pressing skin and muscles tissues together. Support is also provided to the sutures by preventing stretching of the wound area.

Your surgeon will recommend a compression garment designed for your specific post-operative needs. Most patients are advised to wear specialty garments binding firmly to the body for several weeks. Generally, surgeries to the lower body will require an abdominal binder or maybe a girdle for liposuction procedures.  For surgical procedures to the upper body, specialty bras, vests and sleeves compress and smooth affected tissues.

Other functions of compression garments include effective support for absorbent pads that prevent unseemly and upsetting leakage, most common during sleep when pressure applied to the area of surgery may be prolonged. You are also likely to find the garment provides personal comfort as a buffer between sensitized tissue and everyday clothing and the environment.

For most patients, there are few if any disadvantages to adding an extra layer of snug clothing for two months elasticized to stretch comfortably and to hold, as needed, padding and drainage tubes. With the most recent advances in medicine, as well as specialty fabrics and weaving technologies, this is also true of today's best compression garments.

In fact, some former patients find ClearPoint Medical specialty apparel so comfortable, they continue wearing these products for their everyday undergarments.