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The Breast Lift and the Pencil Test


Typically, breastfeeding and age contribute to women experiencing decreased breast volume and sagging. The idea of using the body's natural tissue in lieu of implants may be viewed as a less invasive surgical procedure and therefore more appealing.

Simply stated, a breast lift involves removing excess skin and lifting the breasts back up to their pre-sag position. If you're wondering whether a breast lift is a consideration, try doing the pencil test. Now, I know some of you are flashing back to your early teenage years when the pencil test was used to determine if you needed to wear a bra. But we digress.

Stand straight upright and place a pencil under your breast. "If the breast tissue holds the pencil in place against the chest, that implies that there's a hanging nature to the breast that can be fixed with a lift" according to ASPS President, Robert Murphy, Jr., MD.