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Post-Surgery Facial Compression Garments—Why take a Chance?


Surgery deeply impacts a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. After facial surgery, you are not only concerned with feeling better physically, you may be anxious about what you will look like when the healing is complete. But the main goal after going through a surgical procedure is still healing. It is especially important at this time to give your body and mind the rest that they need, as well as the medical support required.

Medical support can encompass return checkups with your doctor, taking prescribed medications, and utilizing available medical equipment or supplies. Medical supplies such as post-surgery compression garments can be a necessary part of speedy healing.

Why compression garments? To answer that question, let’s discuss how our bodies heal. When an incision is made, blood vessels are cut, and pressure is required to stop the flow of blood. This allows the blood to coagulate, form a scab and begin healing. Facial surgery can mean lifting of the skin or the removal of excess adipose tissue, among other procedures. When facial tissue is removed, blood can collect at the site, as well as extracellular fluid called serum. If not treated properly, these fluids can form pouches disrupting the skin’s re-adhering to the tissue beneath it.

A pouch of serum will likely only be slightly discolored, but if blood pools under the skin, there will be deep colored bruising. Such swelling can be painful, as well as unsightly. Using compression garments can help stop the pooling of fluids, keeping the dermis closer to the tissues below, aiding reattachment of the skin, and speeding healing.

Facial skin is very delicate. It will heal well when given proper treatment, but it is crucial to do so because of its delicate nature. Be sure that the garment is fitted just right. A loose compression garment cannot do its job. Blood flow to the skin is necessary for its nourishment and growth. A compression garment that is too tight will restrict the flow of blood to the skin, causing a slowing of the healing process.

You may be tempted to forego the use of a facial compression garment. But considering the delicate nature of facial skin in particular, it is far better to take no chances. Should you heal improperly, your skin could sag or wrinkle, causing a need for more surgery. Ask your doctor to help you fit your compression garment, and happy healing!