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How Safe is Plastic Surgery?


Great debate and concern has been placed on the safety of plastic surgery procedures. We will discuss this, as well as the technological strides that have been made since the advent of this procedure. For years people have sought ways to enhance or reconstruct their body’s features. Major advancements and discoveries in this field were made during and after the World Wars, due to the countless injuries and disfigurements that occurred. Although the reasons vary, options and good solutions are available to meet these needs. For many, plastic surgery has been the primary option of choice.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery is completely safe according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Although low-risk is not the same as no-risk, your percentages for serious risk or death is far lower than most people know. For instance, according to current statistics, you are more likely to suffer injury/death from a motor vehicle accident than complications from plastic surgery.

Before undergoing any procedure, one must first make sure they are relatively healthy. This is the biggest factor to consider when looking at the safety of procedures. If your body is in a compromised state, undergoing further stress is not advisable. A healthy body heals faster. In recent years much advancement has been made due to experience and a deeper understanding of the anatomy of blood supply.

Burn treatment has made significant strides as well. These findings have made it possible for surgeons to deal with larger and more severe burns. The introduction of microsurgery has enabled surgeons to perform free-flap transfers and re-plantation of amputated limbs. Another groundbreaking triumph of modern technology is craniofacial surgery. Aside from new advancements, traditional techniques have also been refined to further insure the safety of potential patients.

After undergoing surgery or other procedures, the post-care is critical and has a huge effect on the safety and end result. There are certain precautions that one must take upon the completion of your surgery. Support garments are the recommended choice of most professionals in the industry. Compression garments are the most commonly used of all support garments offered. These garments are supported with true 4-way stretch memory fabric, which easily withstands the rigors of everyday life. Of these garments, the adjustable chin support band, breast binder, and the abdominal binder are the most commonly used. Post-op bras are another surgical garment for breast procedures. The styles and brands vary but, the overall support supplied by these bras is priceless. Liposuction garments are another garment that highly supports plastic surgery recovery. All the garments mentioned are available in mid, lower or full body, as well as chin and face wrap garments for facial procedures.

Using these garments greatly increases the safety of undergoing any procedure, so be sure to talk to your doctor before and order these in advance! ClearPoint Medical offers a wide variety of solutions, as well as professional service. Give us a call and find out how we can help you!