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How do Compression Garments Promote Healing


No matter what type of surgery you may undergo, there is always the recovery period. Whether you opt for the procedure, or have undergone a surgery for other reasons, the healing process remains a crucial period for the success of the surgery. It is imperative to follow your surgeon’s advice and recommendations for after-care.

We want to talk a little bit about how the body reacts and heals after a procedure such us liposuction. Of course there are many possibilities, and no two bodies react the same way. For this reason it is important that you have a comprehensive pre-operative assessment with your surgeon.

There are many factors that influence the healing process, and it is important to discuss these with your surgeon, and understand how to implement them into your recovery period. The one we would like to highlight today is the use of compression garments. These garments are sized specifically for your body’s shape and surgery site.  Compression garments are used postoperatively to aid in supporting and enhancing the healing process while you heal.

Swelling is the primary reaction after a procedure such as liposuction. When the procedure is performed the body reacts by creating a fluid to protect the surgery site. Compression of the site reduces the amount of fluid build up between the layers promoting faster healing and optimal appearance. Swelling can also be painful, so applying constant pressure to the procedure site can minimize pain.

Using a well fitted compression garment will enhance the healing process, reducing bruising and build up of unwanted fluid. While the length of each person’s recovery will vary, depending on the procedure performed, your preoperative health, and anatomy; a compression garment will definitely facilitate the healing process, making it shorter, and give your healing body the added support it needs during this post-op recovery period. Your surgeon and his or her team will give you directions on how long you should wear your compression garments. They have your best interest at heart, be sure to follow them closely.