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From the Inside Out – Sculpting the New You


The recovery from cosmetic surgery starts the moment your surgeon applies the finishing touch in the operating room and continues until you feel at home in your body again. Whether your procedure was a minor or major operation; your surgeon, yourself, and support team have prepared diligently for the post-operative period. Remember to set realistic expectations you feel confident can be achieved.  If any unusual complications arise, be sure everyone concerned knows the procedures to follow.

During the recovery phase immediately following surgery, resting and closely monitoring the surgery site have first and last priority. After the first week or so, your new shape is now more visible. Be sure to set a comfortable pace when resuming regular daily activities and make use of quality compression garments, prescribed by your surgeon, that offer proper support.

To achieve best long-lasting results of surgical body-sculpting, your plan sets out more than a return to your pre-operative level of functioning. Your plan for a new you combines your new shape, and importantly, a renewed focus on positive habits and tendencies that will maintain your new shape.

The changes made to your body often give a refreshed outlook on life. Sometimes the challenge is incorporating the new body and emotions to stay true to your values, so that each part complements the other and motivates your development forward.  Keep in mind that any change is a process, and take time to adjust yourself! Pacing yourself towards your long-term goals is key in this process. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember that emotions can sway a bit after undergoing a procedure, or any other life changing event.

Some steps will come naturally and others will be more demanding. Break these down into smaller steps. Things like returning to an exercise routine after a tummy tuck, for instance may require more time and more steps than something like curbing consumption of sugary foods. Make sure to stay consistent, and make use of compression garments. These enhance your final outcome, and speed the healing process as well.

Everyone’s ability to exceed their plans and to accept shortcomings varies. And while reaching the destination is important on any journey; don’t forget the challenges along the way are equally important. Plastic surgery will have lasting physical results, especially when combined with exercise and healthy eating habits, a positive outlook and your great smile! So don’t get discouraged along the way if you are facing some temporary limitations, they will soon pass, and you’ll be out enjoying the new you before you know it.