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Benefit of Compression Wear after Surgery


After certain operations, doctors urge patients to use compression body girdles. Surgical procedures tend to be costly and as such, patients need to ensure they get the best results from them. Regardless of the type of procedure one settles with, these girdles come in handy for the simple reason they offer numerous benefits. Some of the major ones are as highlighted below.

  • Compression body girdles aid by improving circulation of blood to the area it is worn. Thanks to this increased blood flow, that specific area heals fast and this in turn lowers the number of complications that might arise as a result of the procedure.
  • In cases of post operation, these girdles help by giving the injured tissue more support. In addition to this, it also holds the area steady and this ensures the wound heals fast. This also helps minimize cases of scarring.
  • They can help accelerate recovery for tummy tucks, abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast implants, breast augmentations, facial surgeries, breast lifts and arm procedures such as brachioplasty among others.
  • Compression body girdles also reduce cases of infections on the open area. This is achieved through reducing the contaminants the area comes into contact with and as such, ensures swelling is reduced, inflammation and pain from the tissues and surrounding area is reduced.

Basically, there are different types of compression body girdles for patients to choose from. These come in different sizes and shapes and what is more, they work in a simple manner to ensure all these benefits are enjoyed. The girdles are designed to fit the body and they have elastic properties which enhance how perfectly they fit. They can be pulled over the areas affected and thanks to the custom fit stretch they deliver support where it is needed. Additionally compression body girdles have different appearances and you can settle with one that compliments your preferences and tastes.

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