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Timeless Butt Shaper #370

The Timeless Butt Shaper is Recommended for gluteal and related liposculpture procedures.
  • Adjustable, elastic contouring strap holds transferred fat/tissue in place and molds the buttocks
  • Each hook and loop grip pad strategically placed to achieve desired gluteal shape
  • Strap initially positioned at the ‘V’ (superior butt crease) to achieve greater buttock cleavage
  • Reinforced fabric panels compress and contour the surrounding  region to accentuate butt prominence following liposuction
  • Reinforced waist controls the top and pushes down into the buttock area, reducing waist and accentuating buttock region and thus creating the “Shelf”
  • Strategically placed reinforced panels control the sides and bottom to push and contour buttocks upwards
  • Heart shaped power-net covering the gluteal region

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