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ClearPoint Medical supplies a full line of compression girdles for post operative plastic surgery. These recovery garments are medically recommended for such surgeries as the 'tummy tuck' and other abdominal, hip, flank and back procedures. Garments range from abdominal briefs to a full below-knee body girdle.

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Liposuction garments

Most surgeons recommend that their patients wear a liposuction garment for a certain period of time after their surgery.

Liposuction garments provide the compression assist the healing process following surgery. The length of time that the liposuction garment will be worn depends on the surgeon.

There are some risks to wearing an ill fitting liposuction garment. Too much compression will prolong the swelling and cause edema. If the excessive compression continues even after the fluid has been drained, the garment can damage the normal function of the lymphatic capillaries which help to absorb the residual tumescent fluid that helps to reduce the inflammation at the site of the liposuction. On the other hand, insufficient compression will cause the fluid to accumulate inside of the tunnels caused by the liposuction.

The most common areas targeted during liposuction are the stomach, arms, legs and buttocks. A well fitted liposuction garment will help reduce the pain and hasten the healing process in those specific areas.